The case studies below show how our IT support services have helped a wide range of businesses save money and resources by streamlining their IT systems and processes.  

These businesses are based in Cambridge, across the UK and overseas.

Hideout Leather


Hideout Leather is a bespoke motorcycle clothing company based in Ashdon Essex. They are well renowned for supplying custom fit motorcycle leathers and accessories to Professional motorcycle riders, Police forces and Motorcycling enthusiasts.

They contacted Sapien IT as they wanted to understand what they should do with their in-house IT services.  They had previously focussed on making bike leathers and not their IT requirements.

After an initial consultation visit, a plan was made to:

  • Upgrade computers to Windows 10.
  • Move to Microsoft 365.
  • Retire some of the older IT equipment and purchase new screens and keyboards.

Implementation happened during the weekend to minimise business disruption.

In addition, Hideout Leather took the “ad-hoc” support option with Sapien IT.  This option is extremely cost effective as 90% of software is supported through Microsoft 365.



OutSec Services Ltd is a leading typing and transcription services company with remote operatives working within the UK and overseas.

The company commissioned us to review and streamline their existing IT services.

We started by carrying out a full IT audit and review to identify opportunities for reducing IT infrastructure, equipment and processes.

The project included:

  • Introducing virtual, cloud-based technology (thereby negating the need for on-site servers and equipment).
  • Implementing Office 365, DropBox and AWS (Amazon Web Services).
  • Setting-up Skype for business meetings.
  • Creating remote desk-tops to enable off-site working.
  • Providing ongoing IT Support, Project Management and software/App development.
The work carried out by the Sapien IT team has resulted in a much more streamlined IT infrastructure.  This has enabled huge cost savings for the company.  

Elemental Herbology

This London based natural skincare brand wanted their IT needs and processes to be as lean as possible.  They were keen to reduce costs and streamline processes.

Our work included:

  • Moving their IT services to a cloud based solution. 
  • Implementing Office 365.
  • Introducing VOIP (voice over internet protocol).
  • Providing ongoing IT Support

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Asset Management Company

(wishes to remain anonymous)

Sapien IT was asked to provide feedback on an APP development project which had been progressing for over 12 months, but had failed to deliver anything to end users.

We started by producing a report which covered the following broad areas of the project to date:

  • Project management
  • Software development
  • Support readiness

Sapien IT was subsequently asked to manage the technical implementation of the project. This required working with on and off-shore teams in the UK and hardware manufacturers in China.

To get the project back on track, Sapien IT implemented the following high level changes:

  • Only build what is needed.  The project had collected a lot of ideas that were not currently required by the business. Scope was reduced to give a clearer picture of an MVP (Minimal viable product).
  • The team (which had become bloated with people who were underutilised) was streamlined to keep essential staff only. 
  • Clear reporting lines were established with a single owner for issues and product features.
  • Move to Kanban using JIRA.
  • Daily stand ups.
  • Availability of product managers on calls to answer queries quickly.
  • Use of teams with video for enhanced collaboration.

We have now delivered the first two phases of the project into the USA which is a multi-lingual app for the USA market. We are continuing to develop additional Apps for the US, UK and European markets. These apps are multi-lingual and interact with consumer purchased hardware via WiFi or Bluetooth.

Sapien IT is continuing to develop the global roadmap and offering support and development for projects in-flight.

Concepta Plc

Concepta Client Logo

Concepta PLC is an AIM listed company which was looking to bring a suite of home testing products to market.  The first product is the myLotus fertility monitor which aims to help women get pregnant naturally, without the need for intrusive IVF treatment.

We helped Concepta with various IT projects and support services including:

  • Designing and configuring a Europe-wide e-commerce solution to sell their products through their own website and via Amazon.
  • Android and iPhone app development
  • Cloud Services – Office 365, VOIP and Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting for e-commerce solution.
  • IT Project Management.
  • Providing Office IT Support services.

Asset Management Company

(wishes to remain anonymous)

This  asset management company which manages over £600 million worth of assets, has asked to remain anonymous due to their work with high worth businesses and individuals.  

Our work with this company involved:

  • Bespoke software development (introducing automation; the design of a highly bespoke CRM solution; the creation of MIFIDII compliant suitability letters).
  • Reducing back office costs through automation.
  • Reducing the time taken to produce client info (allowing them to scale their business).
  • Introducing a MIFIDII compliant telephone system.
  • Reducing overheads through the introduction of Office 365 and cloud storage facility.
  • Providing in-house server and desktop support
  • Developing fund performance App.
  • Undertaking online security checks and updates.
  • Providing ongoing IT Support

Equinox Russian Opportunities Fund


Efund is a fund listed in Guernsey specialising in Russian markets.  

Our work included:

  • iPhone and Android app development
  • Website development
  • Introducing Office 365 to streamline and save costs.
  • Creating bespoke reporting solutions for investor newsletters
  • Providing ongoing IT Services.

Annand and Cullen

A well established accountancy firm, Annand and Cullen serves clients across the UK, but primarily in London. 

Our work included:

  • Introducing remote desktop solutions
  • Migrating to cloud servers to run CHH accounting and IRIS software
  • Providing ongoing IT Support services.

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